Piano Blues “Memphis Slim”

Memphis Slim (September 3, 1915 – February 24, 1988) was an American blues pianistsinger, and composer. He led a series of bands that, reflecting the popular appeal of jump blues, included saxophones, bass, drums, and piano. A song he first cut in 1947, “Every Day I Have the Blues“, has become a blues standard, recorded by many other artists. He made over 500 recordings.

Memphis Slim’s birth name was John Len Chatman, and he was born in MemphisTennesseeUnited States.


I just want to take the time to celebrate who I deem as “The Piano Blues’ mr. Memphis Slim! 0 MI0002146326 220px-Memphis_Slim,_American_Folk_Blues_Festival_1972_(Heinrich_Klaffs_Collection_72) Memphis-Slim_small ; FVDD151_Memphis-Slim-348x348 MI0001787682






Keep Blues’n Babay’s!!!

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  1. A minor observation if I may. The song “Every Day I Have The Blues” was titled “Nobody Loves Me” when originally issued on Miracle 145 (flip side “Angel Child”). The following year Federal reissued that same recording but renamed it “Every Day I Have The Blues” (12007, flip “Life Is Like That) and it’s now always given that title.

    Apologies for the pedantry.

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